Meat Throughout the Ages: Part 2

 In an earlier column, we examined the when and why of meat consumption in addition to the industry’s adverse footprint on Earth. To review, the meat industry produces roughly 320 million tonnes of meat yearly, slaughtering billions of animal lives in the process and causing extensive loss to the planet in terms of water wastage, […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

WARNING: The below article is my initial attempt in the genre of self-development so I’m gonna keep it short. High possibility of it sounding like mumbo jumbo. Proceed at your own risk.  OK, now that you’re still reading, let me tell you that there are two sorts of people in this world. There are winners- […]

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Meat Throughout The Ages : Part 1

Human beings sure are weird. When compared to the everyday struggle for survival that the rest of the animal kingdom is caught up in, an average Joe’s concerns in life – low internet connectivity, love troubles or securing a job – hardly seem life-threatening. While numerous factors set us apart from our fellow fauna, one element supposedly […]

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

5 million years have elapsed since the origins of humans on the face of Earth. We sure took a long time, but looking back at human history, one can see that we have come just as long a way, if not longer. Transitioning from the wild primordial apes we once were to the barbarous and superstitious medievals […]

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History of Modern Terrorism

  Jihad. Terrorism. Words that up until the 1940s had not found their way to the Oxford dictionary, words that have now come to describe the greatest global menace of the 21st century. With casualties averaging at thousands of deaths annually, the threat of terrorism* shows no signs of abating. Whence did this sudden threat […]

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Corona. Not The Beer.

“There are more people alive today than have ever died.”, my friend once said. And I was intrigued. Because the numbers just didn’t seem to add up. And so, I did what any self-respecting millennial would do when faced with an unknown factor – I googled it. It turns out, absolute truth. Let that sink […]

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The Moral

It was twilight. After a day’s hard work, dusk saw all the villagers gathered around the fire, singing and dancing, the warmth from the fire ebbing away the weariness from their bones. As the sounds of music and laughter filled the air, the villagers requested their chief for a tale. Acceding to their request, he […]

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